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A clutch is a component of a car’s manual transmission system that engages and disengages the engine to the gearbox and then transfers torque to the vehicle’s transmission. With a manual transmission, you get more control over your car, which saves on gas, but you need a good clutch to go along with that. When you're in search of a new clutch assembly, we got you covered.

Looking to replace your clutch?

We provide any transmission services needed including new clutch assemblies.

Many factors can indicate you're in need of a clutch replacement.

We can check your vehicle and see if you need a new clutch assembly. We also offer FREE towing.

We can check your

vehicle for you

If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, the clutch links the engine to the transmission. When it wears over time it needs replacing. This job includes resurfacing the flywheel, replacing a new pressure plate; throw out bearings and a clutch disk. Let our expert mechanics give you an estimate on what the repairs may cost.

Replacing your clutch doesn't have to be expensive

Our Business is Built on Satisfied Customers Only!

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“I just wanted to say a big thank you to the folks at Buchanan! My daughter was in a bind 500 miles from home in the Air Force stationed at Keesler. I found you on the web and with one phone call you agreed to help her out. Thank you so much from a very thankful Dad. You're good people David!”

- Chris C.